Welcome to Baby Arbitrum ($BARB)

Earn $ARB by simply holding $BARB. Earn Passively while enjoying your capital gain!

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Through every $BARB transaction a 5% Tax fee is taken, 3% of it going directly back to holders in Arbitrum Rewards 🪙

  • 1 Billion Supply
  • Secure LP Locked
  • 5% Tax
  • 3% ARB Rewards

How to Buy

Anyone can invest and earn a passive income with Baby Arbitrum.


Set up your wallet

Create a Metamask/Trust Wallet account and top up your ETH balance through Arbitrum-One Chain.


Access SushiSwap

Open SushiSwap and connect your wallet safely


$BARB Contract

Paste our official Contract and import.


Swap $BARB

Start buy $BARB and hold to earn rewards passively.

Delivering the best utilities experience for community

Baby Swap

The Swap allows Arbitrum Traders to exchange ERC-20 ARB based tokens, very similar to the most common used Arbitrum Swap, SushiSwap.

Integrating the swap is a key feature for the BARB Ecosystem as it allows a user to complete their daily trading needs all in one place.

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Baby Portfolio

The BARB Portfolio Tracker is a user-friendly way for you to review key aspects to your trades made across every Arbitrum Token Pair.

Review all of your trades made individually through the ARB Blockchain. Baby Arbitrum has another solution to simplify your trading experience

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Baby Locker

On the Arbitrum Chain there are very limited options for developers when it comes to deciding where to lock their token's liquidity pool.

Through the BARB Locker, Developers will now have another alternative when looking to lock their tokens LP, or vested supply.

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Baby Guard

Baby Guard (The Rug Protector) is a one stop verification dApp which enables you to view the most important aspects of a token built on the Arbitrum Chain.

Paste an Arbitrum contract address you are looking to review and instantly find out the Rug Indicator.

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